There is this noble saying “Behind every successful man is a woman”  I haven’t heard the opposite being said about  woman even though we live in a fast growing society that upholds the virtues of equal opportunity for all.

Anne-Marie Slaughter  (President of the New America Foundation ) a professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University holds the same view as mine that ,it’s about time women stopped fooling themselves that they could have it all because a few of them managed to be both mothers and top professionals.

The indisputable fact is that women have very little or no control over most of the challenges that confront them as far as career- family life balance is concern. This is completely the opposite for men.

In Ghana the societal demands of woman is hugely linked to the, which is raising the kids, cooking, taking care of the house. These demands weigh down the woman well enough to blend career. When it comes to the societal demands of the Ghanaian man it is more directed towards building a successful career to be able to take good care of his home as well as other non-marital demands.

Moreover, a career woman with the intention of managing her career as well as a family faces a major natural setback before, during and after pregnancy. Maternity leave in Ghana is between 3-6 months depending on the kind of career. During this time the woman puts her career on hold and things may never be the same on her return. Kids may fall sick and a host of many family life demands which the woman is surely the person in charge whilst the man may never be distracted by these events even though he must contribute to the success story of the family.

Finally, the almost impossible nature of a woman keeping both the career and family life in one piece is as a result of a host of reasons such as; women setting for themselves unrealistic career goals, failure to discuss career aspirations and goals with their spouse, an absence of a reliable supportive system, ineffective time management and not associating themselves with women who have successfully balanced career and family in order to learn from them.

 written by  : Omane Sarfo Kwame

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