A Third Day


Just because you will not,does not mean you cannot.

Refuse to be swayed by every wind that makes you question God and His purpose for your life.

Just because you are not married does not mean you won’t,

Just because you haven’t given birth does not mean you won’t,

Just because your desires haven’t manifested does not mean they won’t,

Make a decision not to answer mockers and critics who taunted to make you question God’s intent.

Remain silent not because you are weak or incapable but because there is a third day;

A third day that revert the laws of nature,

A third day that circumvent challenges,

A third day that breaks into pieces the doors of bronze and cut into asunder the bars of iron,

A third day that frustrate the tokens of liars and make diviners mad,

A third day that turn wise men backward and make their knowledge foolish.

There is a season of silent but a day is coming when you shall arise and shine.

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