Disconnect from bad friends

Having friends is a  beautiful  experience .It makes life easier however not all friends connect with you with real intentions.Some friends are good and some bad.They all come in the name of friendship however  their intent differentiate them.Some  knowingly and unknowingly are there to kill your vision .

bad frd

It is therefore imperative to evaluate and review your friend lists regularly , be up-to date with your friends,evaluate  the kind of conversation you have when you are together, determine if  they are on the  same page of genuine friendship with you or not.

bad frd 1

Those who isn’t ,disconnect with them for a while,during the while period your eyes will be open to the harm  that they  have been causing to you.


Most friends are threatened by your strength and personality. They might make you function below your capacity, not allowing  you to maximize your potential.You don’t need those kind of friends around you.You need a solid support system(friends) that gives you positive energy and will help you maximize your potential


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