The hidden woman


She is usually the one with “Mr. already taken man” yet hidden. She can be at the same place with him but she dares not say she is with him yet she can’t mingle.

The hidden woman comes in two forms. The one who deliberately chooses to be Mr.  Already taken man for her selfish reasons and the one who gets herself manipulated because she had a weaker mind, a weaker self-image and a weaker value of who she is and what she can be.

Desiring for love and acceptance she bought into the lie, a lie told by friend and Mr. Already taken man.

She bought into a lie told by friends that the already taken man can take of her, provide her comfort and give her fewer problems than the single but can he put a ring on it I ask??

She bought into a lie told by Mr. Already taken man that he married the wrong woman and only realized it when he met her or He was married but separated now or married but lonely or she doesn’t treat him well or not married.

She believed the lie, trusted the lie only to find out later that it was all a lie, confused and not knowing what to do, she soon realized her feelings were deep into it and intertwine, she has lost so many opportunities to be the rightful home owner of another man.

The hidden woman isn’t the woman who does not have what it takes to be a home owner of another man. She has it all. It’s just her feelings and emotions that has been displaced because she didn’t do due diligence and perhaps never guarded her heart.

She has two options either to stay or leave but ways, her losses and gains at the same time. If she leaves she is likely to be emotionally drained, bitter, and resentful and loose a sense of self-esteem, value and image.

If she stays, the same society will judge her, and will not allow her to comment on marriage and relationships matters because she doesn’t qualify.

But there is hope; she can turn her pain into strength.

Never judge, empathize with people.



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