The Game of Life


In the game of life, everyone in the world is into position and these positions varies and its dynamic, it can be changed at any given time. Each on earth has a position and these positions are as a result of the individual choices and not by chance.

These positions include the Wanderers, the Wonderers, the Watchers and the Players

The Wanderers are the people who are lost in the game of life, have no idea where they’re going and what their purpose in life is. They have no idea why they propose or accept a proposal or date or cheat or got married or gave birth or are in school. They have no idea; they just go with the free flow of the masses.

They date, marry, travel abroad and shade people on social media because that’s the new tread and everyone is doing it. They are lost; without goals, plans, budget and principles and even if they do they flaw them because they live in the moment and will not mind borrowing to buy luxuries for show off.

Next to this are the Wonderers, they know their purpose but just won’t put in any effort . They hear or perceive the sound of what is going on but will not participate. They know there is a skill upgrade program, a group discussion team, a grooming parlor, a fitness team that can help them upgrade but they just won’t participate, they are the social loafers in society.

Close to the Wonderers are the Spectators. They are those watching others play, watching others live their life. They watch others fail and succeed .Among the spectators are the Commentators, the Critics, the Litigants and the Brown-Nosers.

The Commentators are those waiting and watching for things to happen so they could report. They mind not their business but others. They will read people status, profile, and blogs from end to end, day by day just to have something to talk about at the expense of their self-development programs. Their mind is always filled with what celebrities did and did not; people who don’t even about know about their existence.

Critics are the self-righteous; they are in the shading business but have insecurities and will hide behind the internet to ask ungodly questions. They want to know why you didn’t marry your ex, why you don’t upload your spouse pictures, why your shape is that way, what is your source of wealth.  They are the “WHY” and “WHAT” askers with malicious motives and one of these is to wash your dirty linen in public so that everyone will know you are worthless just like the way they feel about themselves.

Litigants love to argue whiles Brown-Nosers praise everything to gain attention and acceptances.

The final group are the players; they are those that are willing to take risks: risk to stand alone, to be different, to make mistakes and to make progress in life even if it happens at a slow pace. They are those that have gone through failure, disappointment, heartbreak, scam, defamation among others and yet will forge on, in the mist of pain they will love again, trust again and start the business or application afresh. They are fighters who will wake up and will not feel like going to work, school, training or taking certain beneficial but difficult decisions and yet will do all the same. They are those that wet their pillows at night and sleep is far from them and yet will wake up and put powder and a smile on their faces hoping that a miracle happens. Above all they’re learners, always seeking for growth.

The good thing is no matter the group you belong to it’s never too late to get it together.

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