Red Flags

Relationship is a beautiful thing but what do you do when the relationship leads to nowhere and it’s toxic?

It’s difficult to admit that a relationship that started out great and with so much promise has turned into something bad. When we enter a relationship, we’re often wearing rose-colored glasses, focusing on all our partner’s good qualities and ignoring the red flags

Most times the red flags that ends a relationship was actually there before the beginning of the relationship just that, these flags was ignored.

I recently had a conversation with a very beautiful lady who is holding on to a dead relationship.A relationship she has invested her energy,time and money in.”Didn’t you see the red flags???” I asked.She was silence for a moment then said “I did,he gave me the impression that he will change”.

“Ohhh,so you where hoping he will change??? Did he know of your hopes?? ” I asked. “No,it was my secret prayer” she reply.

What were some of the red flags you saw? I asked and with a painful smile she reply,”I was he’s convenience,he only saw me when he was not busy and need to have fun or sex.Even after dating him for 3 years I was not allow to mingle with his friend neither to pass by his house unannounced”.

“We didn’t start like this , don’t think I went after him she continued,he came after me;he came when I was in a difficult season of my life.He made me feel good about yourself, paid lots of attention on me with texts and calls, told me how beautiful I was and how wonderful he felt around me”.

“A year later I realized I was not the only woman,there were others.He could make promises that went unfulfilled and half the time I paid the bill or initiate the call.He made me commit three abortions under the excuse that we were not ready to have a family now”.

“A month ago he visited me at home and we had sex,he broke up with me the next morning,I felt sad,used,drained and worthless and just last week he called to apologize “,she said.

I looked at her and said “stop re-opening your heart for toxic people in an attempt to seek closure,you’re rather delaying your healing process.You may still love him or misses him but life is better without him.You deserve to be happy.”


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