Social Dissonance

Why are You WASTING your time & HURTING yourself worrying about other people’s progress…

Why do we spend any of our most valuable time worrying about things we have no control over?

Why do we poke our nose in people’s affairs uninvited,asking uncultured questions and even providing unsolicited opinions ?

Why do we allow ourselves to shy away from personal growth & development when we see our peers  doing well ?

Why do we allow ourselves to second-guess our abilities and become envious when we see our peers display their success on social media ?

Is it because we’re HUMAN?.Years ago when there were no social media platforms,we were only aware of what was going in the lives of the people we knew or met face-to-face.

Once we left school  the likelihood of  we ever  meeting and interacting with our mates was rear but that isn’t the case now.

Social media has given us the opportunity to stay connected,lets use it wisely by encouraging,motivating and inspiring one another to higher height.

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