Aging Parents

Human life consists of a series of cycles or stages. From conception to adulthood is met with gladness, we just can’t wait to become adult and live the life we want. However, aging isn’t.

The transition for being an able parent who had everything under control to elderly is not an easy journey. Suddenly, their friend’s circle reduces, calls don’t come through often as it should and isolation, loneliness, boredom, depression and lack of mobility set in.

We live in a high fast generation that everyone is running from dawn to dusk with no time to spare but for social media. Many people are so busy with day-to-day schedules that taking time off to be with their aging parents is difficult, much-less to talk about showing them love.

On special occasions pictures of aging parents who have not eaten for days or have not heard from their children for weeks, months and years end up on social media for likes and comments when they should rather be spending time with them.


You are their toil, pain, joy and achievement personified so show them love ,call them up, give the a hug when you can, be their friend, give them a listening ear just like they did when you were young. Be their child regardless our age, status and position.

Just as some of children do when they need attention, sometimes parent will do anything too including faking sickness to gain our attention. They put up such behavior because they do not want to lose their children to the world.

Remember our parents had two options (the easy and the hard way) on conception either to abort or to keep.

On delivery they had two main options; the hard way and the hard way either to give up the child up for adoption or to keep the child, either way they did well. Giving a child up for adoption is a difficult decision to make, raising to is same.

There is a blessing a mother and a father can give you that nobody can. A simple “thank you or God bless you” from your parents can open doors in your life that you had no idea that they existed or had your name on it.

There is a weighty blessing in every aging parents that when they release, he earth obey and miracles happens.

You Respect Your Parents, People Will Respect You ❤🌹🙏 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting..

    The responsibilities of caring for our aging parents can be complicated and emotionally difficult. When caring for the elderly, there is no set of solutions that will work for everyone. But, if we plan carefully, cooperate with our family, communicate well and, most of all, pray to Jehovah God, we
    can and we will fulfill our responsibility to honor our loved ones. The end result…When we do this, we can be proud because we are giving our parents the care and attention they need. ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.) – love never fails.

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