Beneath Success



As spectators, we often see the final results of people’s success. It’s easy for everyone to look at someone else’s success and think, “wow, they are lucky” or “they are being sponsored by a big man/woman somewhere” or “they have a good life” or “they come from a rich family or connected family”. We forget to ask ourselves, “how did they get there” or “what must I do in order to be that successful”.

Reading books or watching television interviews of  success people provides you with information about their journey and struggles to success, but it doesn’t give much of the natty-gritty of these struggles

Underneath every beautiful success is pain, tears, disappointment, loneliness, stress and all other negative emotions that come with it.

So stop being jealous of peoples success for you do not know what they lost to become who they are today. Rather asked them to show you the path to success, what it takes and how to walk on that journey.


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