Calling:the surest way to be successful


The rate at which people are pursuing material things is very distressing.
People are worshiping money and titles as if that is all there is to live for.

We have given in to the temptations material things have thrown at us on nearly every level in our quest to figuring out our individual calling, allowing the prowess of arrogance and bodily pleasures to have dominance in us, as if we are never going to say goodbye to this earthly dwelling.
We have allowed ourselves to get caught up in a tailspin of bewilderment by material things, and as a result, our focus on pursing our calling has given in to total obscurity.

People kill to make money, and give some away to charity in the long run and gain various forms of recognition for it.

People kill to attain positions and public notifications, and lift some people up to gain spotlight in the long run.

People do various forms of vileness but gain praises by people because their despicable nature has not yet been known.

All these indescribably vicious act of secrecy, and later being altruistic to people does society more harm than good.
It is about time we look at the proverbial glass half empty than half full.

The truest way to being successful and positively affecting the lives of people and society is to figure out what our individual calling is. Our calling is the only true gateway to absolute perpetual felicity that life has to offer, and that which our soul instinctively hanker for.

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  1. God bless you Mercy! Continue to write on paper (well…on the laptop) what God writes on your heart! Your words will touch somebody, somewhere! For good!

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