I am NOT this body

30 out of the 31 years of my life here on earth, I have been asking myself ” who am I?’

I am NOT this body.
But if there are health problems with this body while I am here, I am on my own.
Doctors and pharmaceutical companies exist for profit, not my well-being. Medical “research” focuses on creating drugs and procedures that will create the most profit, can be patented, and keeps us coming back for more of the same… Only shamans and traditional healers have interest in well-care, preventative care, nutrition, and cures.


I am NOT this mind.
But if I lack knowledge and need to learn more, I am on my own.
The education system has dumbed me down, told half-truths and lies, and instilled in me allegiance to a flag and a nation unworthy. They have been corrupted to exclude truths that are inconvenient or horrifying, to accept skewed and twisted research from academia and “independent” researchers. The students have no power, the teachers are as bound as slaves to a curriculum and testing program endorsed by the state and people whose interests are money, not in developing minds to guide us in the future.

I am NOT these emotions or this mental state.
But if I have a breakdown or have a hard time facing this world, I am on my own.
The psychological and social sciences have also been corrupted by greed and profit, driven by pharmaceutical companies. They have even become the means to marginalize men and women who do not fit into a narrow set of “acceptable” norms to the point of imprisonment or elimination.


I am NOT the legal name.
But it was created without my consent, long before I was in any awareness of consent. The fraud of the legal system starts with this, and I am on my own in dealing with others’ perceptions of wrongs I commit. Our founding documents expressly forbid BAR credentialed persons from all public offices, yet forces us to hire lawyers. Our legal system has tried to take our inalienable rights as living breathing men & women, and then RENT them back to us as licenses and permits.

I AM of I AM. I am powerful yet humble.
Yet, most of our world’s religions have been twisted and corrupted for profit, and to spread the illusion that we as beings are somehow separate from the divine – in fact, needing to supplicate ourselves before some “god” for forgiveness. Lies. All lies.

I AM on my own. We are each on our own. The answers are found in I AM – in ourselves and others.

We need no doctors. The shamans and healers have learned to honor I AM in each of us, from those in I AM consciousness before them, not from books or organized education or research.

We need no religions. All of the books on religions and philosophies I have read in 20 years pale in comparison to real-eyes-ing my own I AM divinity within me.

We need no laws. Our I AM consciousness is quite sufficient to guide our thoughts, words, and deeds in truth and integrity. I AM responsible for my own choices and actions.

We need no religions. I am I AM, you are I AM, everything seen and unseen is I AM. Worship nothing, BE everything, respect all life. I AM on this living planet cannot survive without respect for I AM in all beings, and the Earth itself.

We need no money. Money has no use for I AM, and has been used as a reason to hide our TRUE selves from ourselves. For money, all systems that govern our lives have been corrupted, twisted, poisoned. Our air, waters, foods, and even our “medicines” are poison.

I AM powerful when I govern myself. We are powerful when we ALL govern ourselves, in full integrity of I AM consciousness.

We give up our power when we allow others to govern us, whether by democracy or dictator. We give up our power when we FOLLOW others, allow others to influence us, use us, divide us, belittle our true nature.

Reclaim your divinity, the I AM underlying all desires and wants, underlying the ego.

Real-eyes that ANYTHING we do to other living things, we do to ourselves, because our larger body – our ecosystem – is this living Planet Earth.

As the next largest order of things we might consider “living,” perhaps a solar system is an atom in a much larger branch of the fractal Universe.

We are that, too.

The closest thing to worship of anything we should ever get is Living Mother Earth “worship” – or simply a deep and honest look at where we should be among all life on this Earth.

In fact, coming to a place where we fully honor and explore our sacred body-temples, no matter what people say we can and cannot do, no matter what limitations are in our cards, would even go a long way in deepening our connection with our I AM divinity within each of us.

Written by :Connoisseurs Bukarie IV


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