What WordPress Community thought me

One of the greatest lessons WordPress Community has thought me is the act of kindness.

In July, 2018 I started blogging on WordPress with no like or comment to my blog. I was also an MBA student with limited time to spare yet I felt I have so much I needed to share.

I shared these posts  of mine across my other social platforms and sometimes I literally pushed these links to my friends on Whatsapp, hoping that,  they could open, read and graciously spare me a minute or two to put a comment to my posts. But that didn’t yield results.

There I was with no single follower nor like or comment to my blog.

So I decided that, I was going to write anyway. Maybe, just maybe my children-yet-to-born will one day find my blog educative and perhaps read and learn from.

I also felt that perhaps the best way to blog as a beginner was to learn from other bloggers and so with these mindsets I blogged sparely while reading other bloggers post.

I started following bloggers such @icymonalisa  , @musemidnight,  @holidayroyalway @healthybodydigest   @richardyadon  because I felt  inspired by their blog. Little did I know that they will follow back, and although I was not expecting them to follow back yet when they did I was really thrilled and felt motivated to blog more.

Then one day  out of nowhere @sandstormclick reblog one of my posts and I was super thrilled ,I followed him and he followed back .

I also observed that bloggers such as @thegodlychicdiaries @m00ntyguid0n @grazielalea @simonweiner@theeinsatiablemindofklcra@spsbrnds@delanoskeete@romanticninjawp@weddingsga@datingrelationshipga@revistatrascendiendo@bloggersistah@madnesstookme  inspired me through their posts and regularly viewed and liked my post.With this act I always write from my heart and I don’t to let anyone down. This month is my one year on WordPress  and I just want to say THANK YOU for your SUPPORTS.

THANK YOU for helping me not to give up on my dream.

To my new friends WELCOME and THANK YOU for the SUPPORT.

I promise to write the best, stay committed and to be supportive……………….Thank you












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