Hold it right there; they are not responsible.

We live in a society that a lot of people associate every misfortune that happens to them to witches. These people spend days and hours in churches, shrines and other places of worship chanting for sudden transformation in their lives.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not here to condone anyone’s religion and how much time they spend in practicing their religion.

Anytime we point a finger at a witch for our misfortune the rest of the remaining fingers point back to us. This implies that, we’ve got more work to do than just apportioning blame.

Whether we like it or not the world was created; either by a universal being or scientific reaction but in all this, there was a creation.

Then again we need to understand that, the world is governed by universal principles which transcend all faith, race, gender and systems. These universal principles include:

  1. Acceptance and Rejection
  2. Association
  3. Mindset, Honor and Attraction
  4. Character
  5. Sowing and Reaping

We cannot defile these, we become what we accept. We don’t need to accept everything that life and people throw at us. It’s okay to reject certain offers and advance in other to get what we want.

Never underestimate the power of association; if we are not connected, we are isolated. Our association can either make or unmake us.

What we perceive, we can achieve. That which we honor and respect we attract into our life.

Character is that which we choose to make, it matters a lot. A leader with a bad character will soon lose all his followers. A prospect with a bad character in search of love is likely not to find love because nobody is interested in a bad character.

We reap what we sow; if we sow laziness in our businesses we will reap stagnation and regression. A lot of people pray hard to get rich or good grades or good marriage etc but will not make the effort to work on their businesses or concentrate on their studies or invest in themselves.

How can we become rich when we don’t cultivate the habit of savings and investing?

How can we become rich when we want to slay every new design or gadget?

How can we be celebrated when we disrespect others?

How can we facilitate our journey when we take for granted the power of association?

Yet we turn around and blame witches for the misfortune…..

Hold it right there; they are not responsible.



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