Questions every lady needs to ask any prospective gentleman

Key Questions every lady needs to ask any prospective gentleman.

What do you do when a gentleman expresses interest in you??? What are the bases for which you accept or reject a love proposal??

I am of the school of thought that says that: “love is unconditional” but I also believe that love has so many phases that comes with different tags and the level of commitment, emotions and attachment varies depending on the kind of love it is.

A romantic love offer is a very serious proposal that can do and undo you if you ignorantly accept someone into your life on the basis of his sweet talks and looks.

It is therefore essential that you think through the proposal carefully by asking him vital questions that will give you enough information and help you to know what you are getting yourself into and whether you will accept or reject.

Below are some of these questions

  1. What is your faith?
  2. Are you married or engage or dating someone?
  3. Is someone married or engage or dating?
  4. What is your sexual orientation?
  5. If you are practicing chastity kindly ask him if he can wait
  6. Ask him for his blood group type
  7. Ask him for his STD/STI status.

Please ask all the questions you need to ask him in a polite, consistent but gentle manner  so that you don’t get to hurt his feelings

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