Developing mental toughness

Can one become successful in any endeavor with a weak mindset?? Can anyone  with weak mindset but has all the resources needed to execute a project succeed ???? .

To me the answer is NO!!.

One of the major component to success is the mindset without it nothing can be achieve.

The journey to success is a tough and ruff one and therefore requires a tough mindset to keep moving even at the face of failures,disappointments and uncertainty. Mental toughness or mindset for success is an attribute that needs to be develop and maintain.

To develop and maintain the kind of mental toughness that success requires, it’s crucial that you keep your thoughts and self-talk positive and avoid the habits that lead to negativity and unhealthy behaviors.

Most of the time, the main obstacle to achieving our objectives may be a self-limiting mindset. One thing we can work on to defy that is to work on our mental toughness. Elite personnel thrive on pressure and excel in stressful situations. We can train ourselves to do the same.

Be comfortable in high stress situations: Think of it as an opportunity to perform better that you thought you could. By performing better you are improving yourself in the way.

Create small goals to keep a track on your performance, but fixate on a long term goal. You need to understand why you are doing everything you do in the present, to be able to perform well. Inspire yourself:

Find people with the same willingness to excel as you have. By surrounding yourself with people like that, you make sure you have people that will push you the hardest.

Learn with feedback: Start asking for feedback, even when the task was small.

Reinventing yourself with little steps, so the transition to the new you can be easier. Keep the grit: It takes a lot of courage to stay in track when things don’t go as expected. But an elite performer is the one with the fierce desire to keep going until the objective is achieved.

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we never see them fight.

Becoming a mentally strong person takes practice and mindfulness. It requires tuning in to your bad habits and making a point of learning new habits to replace them. And sometimes it simply means learning to get out of your own way and let things happen.

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