Life is too short to wear boring clothes .We need to understand that the appearance of a person project a certain type of power , aside this the dress one wears also reflect the psychological disposition of the person.Hence one needs to be  careful during selection of outfits in other to align ones’ appearance with ones’ image.

It can be expensive if not guided to appear nice all the time.However we need not to wear the best designer or expensive outfits to appear nice or slay all the time.

Sometimes living within our means is the best option.There’s  nothing like not owing anyone anything ;you live in peace .

Dress what have, experiment with different colors and accessories. The best way to do this is to plan ahead. You not need to wear the same combinations all the time.

Stay spicy babe!!!  The same dress can be worn in so many different ways by just putting in simple changes such as necklace, broche ,scarf,shoe bag  etc.


or a jacket

images (1).jpg

a hair style


Additionally color blocking is also another way to dress and appear nice and classic without having to spend so much.Below are some color blocking outfit you can try on



Stay radiant and spicy. Thank you for reading and please share your comments

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