Daily Blessing : Invigourating Wednesday

My Dear Gracious Friend,

Cherubic good morning.

Wishing You a scintillating, invigourating Wednesday overflowing with your charm & sincerity.
May you be blessed with a happy heart unburdened by past or future; buoyant liveliness that touches every heart; penchant for work well done ; ever willingness to take on additional responsibilities just to help colleagues/ organisation; eye for detail & ceativity; invincible spirit; a life full of goodness, plenty & lasting friendships.

May your day be full of fruitful activities which fill your heart with satisfaction & gratitude; opportunities to learn., grow & share; warming cockles of hearts of near& dear ones / colleagues/ friends by your acts of kindness / caring; bouquets & appreciation; all forms of windfalls leaving you pleasantly astounded.

WOW !!! You are overflowing with your inner peace, joy, liveliness & spontaneity !!! What a powerhouse of creativity & kindness you are.

I deeply appreciate & love You.

Thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to comment below.

Be radiant and spicy😊🙏

God bless you!

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