Daily Blessing : Magnificent Friday

My Dear Immeasurable Friend,

Sparky good morning.

Wishing You a magnificent Friday overflowing with your heart uplifting imagination & innocence.

May you be blessed with rainbows, sprinkling of star dust & incredible beauty of nature; all the time to savour & appreciate beauty & goodness; pleasure in being useful to others & your organization; vibrant health & adventurous spirit; irrepressible faith, joy & enthusiasm; a job that gives you challenges, opportunities you desire & joy; a peaceful, comfortable, fulfilled life.

May your day be full of grace, elan & excellance ; prompt, positive responses ; fun, joy & fulfillment; friends who can never have enough of you; jubilant rejoicing of meeting all dead lines; a healing touch here & a helping hand there: a sweet feeling of satisfaction .

You unwillingly stand out for your excellance, grace & kindness!!! People look up to you with trust & pride. What a source of strength & confidence art Thou.

I deeply appreciate & love You.

Thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to comment below.

Be radiant and spicy😊🙏

God bless you!


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