Daily Blessing: invigourating Wednesday

My Dear Gracious Friend,

Cherubic good morning.

Wishing You a scintillating, invigourating Wednesday overflowing with your charm & sincerity.
May you be blessed with a happy heart unburdened by by past or future; buoyant liveliness that touches every heart; penchant for work well done ; ever willingness to take on additional responsibilities just to help colleagues/ organisation; eye for detail & ceativity; invincible spirit; a life full of goodness, plenty & lasting friendships

May your day be full of fruitful activities which fill your heart with satisfaction & gratitude; opportunities to learn., grow & share; warming cockles of hearts of near& dear ones / colleagues/ friends by your acts of kindness / caring; bouquets & appreciation; all forms of windfalls leaving you pleasantly astounded.
WOW !!! You are overflowing with your inner peace, joy, liveliness & spontaneity !!!

What a powerhouse of creativity & kindness you are.

I deeply appreciate & love You.

3 thoughts on “Daily Blessing: invigourating Wednesday

  1. Good morning to you too.

    The write-up is refreshing and heart touching especially the thought that we remain thinking about the dead past and uncertain future but care little for the present moment which just flies past and become past without anything tangible being transacted because of our involvement in past and future.

    Kindness is a great trait which if done with regularity, it becomes a habit thus paving the way for addition to KARMIC CREDITS.

    Thanks and regards

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