Daily Blessing:thrilling Saturday

My Dear Celestial Friend,

Dazzling good morning.

Wishing you an awesome, thrilling Saturday overflowing with your gypsy Spirit & buoyancy.

May you be blessed with irrepressible faith in Self, courage & invinciblity; cheerful disposition & ever ready willingness to welcome what is; zest for life & dare devil, fearless attitude to explore; like minded die hard friends; open mind & open heart; a bountiful life of grand abundance, peace, comfort, love & joy.

May your day be full of bright sun shine, refreshing cups of coffee; feeling the cool breeze & fragrance of flowers; light footed gait as you go with your soul friends exploring what makes your heart tick; ingenuous flower arrangements, creative activity; rekindling old friendship: calling up your parents; delightful gifts; fun & carefree laughter.

YOU are complete & whole in every sense. Just Be and allow Life to live You as you savour every moment in contentment.

Let your Presence bring peace, harmony & joy into your world.

Thank you for being the magnificent You.

I do deeply appreciate & love You.

Thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to comment below.

Be radiant and spicy😊🙏

God bless you!


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