Daily Blessing: serene, relaxing Sunday

My Dear Heart Centered Friend,

Chirpy good morning

Wishing You a serene, relaxing Sunday overflowing with your Oneness & nourishing stillness.

May you be blessed with a deep yearning for your Absolute Freedom; open skies, open eyes that sees only the beauty & good & a open heart; bright sunshine & bright megawatt smile that lits up every heart; childlike playfulness, innocence & vitality; one or two soul friends; a rich life abounding in worthy achievements, success, recognition, love, prosperity, joy & fulfillment.

May your day be full of Self & only Self; unbound joy for no reason; self love, appreciation & care; being in the resplendent, refreshing nature; outing into the wild with fun loving friends; relaxing, being yourself; actives which charge you up; chilling out with your gang.

You are always so relaxed, cheerful & open hearted that anyone can approach you & share their worries/ problem.

How much relief & confidence you provide just by being the amazing You.

I am deeply grateful to you for your Presence in our world.


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