I longed to be with people

Loneliness is an epidemic. It seems the more technology advances, the more the human spirit suffers.

While being super connected through our phones and computers is wonderful in many regards, it will never take the place of connection with another human being.

I struggled a lot with feeling alone, even if (and often especially if) I was in a room full of people. I felt different, not enough, and separate.

And when I was actually physically alone, I longed to be with people. I went all out just to be around people which had a good and the bad effect on me.

My longingness to be with people connected me to a few good and quality who meant well for me.

However majority of the people I came across were opportunist and users. I had to  compromise my standards and principles just to be around them. I think they knew that I didn’t know who I was and my worth then so the capitalize on my weakness and abuse it.

I opened up to a few people who came my way on the subject and  eventually I realized that I was not alone in those feelings .I learned how to be with myself in a way that felt comforting and replenishing. learned to be by myself without feeling alone  through self love, self acceptance, self embrace and self forgiveness. I also learnt that loneliness is a doorway to a deeper spiritual connection.  

I became bolder and intentional in my actions when it came to making human connections.

I want you to know that if you struggle with loneliness there is a way through. There is a way to feel strong connections with others and yourself. Seek help, you are not alone.


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