My expectation hangover

This dress. What a practice in managing “expectation hangovers” this one was! The short story is that the dress I ordered from trying on the sample and the dress that actually came back were not the same.

I had asked for a shade darker of a lining but there was so much that was different – from the shape to the fabric to how it fit.

I worked with the shop owner as much as I could yet it is challenging to work with someone who wasn’t taking any responsibility and at one point blamed the dress looking different on my “body shape changing”. I’ll just leave that one right there.

After several  alterations from different tailors , the dress finally got to a point where I felt good wearing it. It was a significant amount of time and energy but more importantly an amazing opportunity to focus on what really matters.

Sure my dress was for a very important day of my life; my first ever presentation after waiting for a long time to mount such a platform but what matters most is WHY the presentation is happening. Instead of getting upset about the dress, I focused on the WHY for the dress. I focused my thoughts on the event and my performance on that day.

The dress really didn’t matter. In fact, the superficial things never do. Of course pretty things are wonderful and feeling beautiful is a wonderful way to feel but if we rely on external things to define our internal state, contentment will always be elusive.

I know you know this already. Just a reminder 🙂  . Like all things usually do, it worked out with the dress. Was I comfortable in it? Not really given all the challenges that went with it … but I sure was happy and proud about WHY I was wearing it.

Keep focusing on your WHY if you are going through any kind of expectation hangover or challenge in your life. Do your best to let go of the superficial stuff and focus on what matters most.

Thanks for reading . Stay radiant and spicy

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