“My day at home today”

I have stomach ache and could not make it to work. it’s 10:58 & I feel exhausted already. I haven’t done anything apart from taking shower ,back to bed, listening to news, scanning social media and telling my kids (my sis’s children) to keep quiet because I need the house to be quite. These things I have observed

  • Mothers are really trying
  • Staying at home specifically indoors is not an easy task especially if you are an active person.
  • The television and radio stations focus is more on Covid 19 leaving us with so much depressing information to process at the same time.
  • Most of the information on social media seems deliberately distorted by bloggers to generate traffic to their site.

Base on my last two observations I have questions for  Ghanaian community and the world at large .

  1. Why is there so much focus on the virus and not on the remedy ??
  2. Does the media especially Ghanaian media  know the psychological implications overfeeding the public with so much depressing news.
  3. Are celebrities and self again public figures aware of the humanistic consequences of sharing invalidate information.
  4. How about the general public; are they aware of the effect of creating or sharing in valid information into the public.
  5. Is the Media, public figures,and the general public aware of the effect of fear and panic on the immune system of an individual. Maybe they’re, may be not.

Well, excessive information causes fear and panic which saddens the heart of men, the effect is a break down of a man’s immune system. Ask of a man who lives in fear and panic and I will show you a man who’s depress and has his immune system compromised in the process.

My humble recommendation;

  • The media and all stakeholders should be educated and caution on the damage of in inaccurate and excessive information dissemination.
  • Staying positive and hopeful while practicing good hygiene should be top priorities messages to media Houses.
  • This is the time we need motivational speaker speaking up to give people hope and help people restructure their lives and lifestyle regardless of the age
  • This is time we need to have discussion on the loop-holes in our socio-economy and how to make the economy of the nation resilience.
  • This is the time to have talks on our educational programs as a nation and if possible make the necessary needed adjustment.
  • This is the time to have a second look at how the housing market and projects are being constructed and way forward architecturally and technical to helping house owners without inbuilt washrooms/restrooms.
  • Finally this is the time for us to have discussion on our socio-cultural practices as well as lifestyle.

This is the time to stay positive,think and re-strategize towards making our economy,community and lives resilience once again

Thank you for reading and please let me hear your views as well.

Love and hugs

6 thoughts on ““My day at home today”

  1. Hi Mercy,
    You have said exactly what I have been thinking. The media seems to gleefully focus on the worst possible case scenarios and feeds upon fear and panic. It makes me wonder exactly what is the truth and what is not. Here in my community, a “shelter in place” order has been issued, yet the 21 coronavirus cases that have been confirmed are mostly travel related. I certainly understand caution, however, all schools, churches, car dealerships, parks and gardens, restaurants, athletic fields, gyms and hair salons have been mandated to close for 14 days. So, we are all supposed to huddle inside our homes and not come out except to go to the grocery store. Incidentally, groceries stores are being depleted because of panic buying. Now there is a limit on what we can buy. It is surreal. I am beginning to think that there is something sinister afoot with all this. There has been an enormous push for social distancing, yet the numbers of cases continue upwards. That is strange, especially if people are social distancing. Don’t people come in contact with each other in grocery stores? I mean this has really gotten me so concerned. My teaching job has been cancelled indefinitely. The economy is flat-lining and I think will collapse worldwide if someone doesn’t get to the bottom of this. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I can’t help but wonder who exactly would benefit from a collapse of world economies. It just seems that our scientists would be scrambling in labs to make a vaccine. We have a flu vaccine, a polio vaccine, etc. Why can’t the world scientific community put their heads together and do something more productive than running numbers of death and destruction. I want to see a solution-not more doom, gloom and panic and anxiety. I know I have probably written too much of a response, but I am getting tired of all the bad news as well. I hope you start feeling better soon. I have stopped watching the news. I think I will buy a house in the mountains one day and farm. Modern life is too depressing. Thank you for your blog. Please share your thoughts with the rest of the world. You’ve spoken the truth.

    1. Hi Jenny
      Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I am much better now . I noticed similarities in your comment with my country,Ghana. On Friday night at about 11:00pm the president of Ghana announced a partial lockdown of the major cities in my country starting this coming Monday.
      This resulted in mad rush for groceries , unfortunately grocery prices’ went up as high as three times the normal price.I feel very sad and helpless about the situation especially for the needy however I can’t do anything about it has traders have intentionally inflate prices just to milk the public of their had earn money .
      But throughout this, I have also wonder if we as a society could have gardens, at least the burden of groceries would have been less

  2. Hi Mercy,
    Earlier today I left a comment but it seems to have vanished. I am not sure why. Anyway, I agree with you completely. The media should be aware that while it is important to keep people informed it is equally important to focus on positive ways to deal with this virus. Scientists should be working 24/7 to develop a vaccine. Stay safe and God bless. Thank you for this post, it should be read by everyone.

    1. Hi Jenny ,
      I am sure it was a network challenge. I received your earlier comments with a glad and very grateful heart 🙏. I agree with your points noted.
      We pray for the soon end of this season of our lives.
      Take care my dear and have a wonderful day

  3. Thank you, Mercy. I sincerely pray that you and your family stay safe. My cousin said that this too shall pass. Everything has a time and a season. We will survive and hopefully with new perspectives on what it means to be grateful for our health, and our lives, and our loved-ones.

    1. I agree with your cousin;sure,this too shall pass. And just like what you said, at the end of this phase of our lives we shall definitely come to terms with what should be really important to us.
      Thank you for reading and commenting
      My family and I are safe, thanks for your prayers🙏.. I also pray that you and your family stay safe 🙏🙏.
      Hugs and love to you my friend💚💫💫.

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