Days to lockdown of Accra,Tema and Kumasi

Ghana has sixteen regions and cities, and predominate among these regions/cities are Accra, Tema and Kumasi which seems to have vast population.
On Friday 27th March, 2020 the president announced for the partial lockdown of the cities specifically Accra, Tema and Kumasi on 30th March, 2020, as these cities seems to be recording raising numbers of the Covid-19 cases each and every day.
The decision I believe for the partial lockdown of these cities was to break the chain of Covid-19 which seems to be widely spreading by contacts. It was a decision that came from good hearts with good intentions.
As at the time of the announcement, most regions or cities that were not mentioned as part of the partial lockdown had not recorded any Covid-19 case yet.
The announcement led to not just mad rush of groceries but also inter-cities migration particularly to cities that are not part of the lockdown.
At the local markets, most protocols for the prevention of the Covid-19 was not observed by a lot of people as all they needed was means and ways of getting their groceries.


Hence contact greatly increased as the markets were congested.
At the local market again; same unprotected and un-sanitized hands that were used to sell groceries were the same hands that were used to collect and count monies, from different buyers. An action that was sadly repeated again and again, buyers dare not question or correct sellers especially now that sellers have more powers than buyers.
The saddest thing is that, these groceries will find their way to innocent people who are taking all precautions just to avoid the infection but will add up with the virus anyway.
Additionally, the human contacts that happened at these local markets is likely to cause an increase of the Covid-19 cases in the country.
The inter-cities migration going on to these supposedly safe havens is because a lot of people think that, the northern region has high temperatures hence the virus will not be able to survive there. More ever; most settlers in the major cities to be lockdown are homeless hence a need to return home.

I understand them because it is better to be at home with your family than to stay in the street and likely fall prey to the military regiment released into the cities to enforce compliance.
My worry however is that, what if persons with the virus are part of those involved in the inter-cities migration .It means the circle can’t be broken .


My suggestion therefore is that government also need to also focus on the cities on that have recorded any case yet
Thank you for reading .I did like to hear from you are what is happening in your country and region.
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Stay blessed and radiant

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