Once upon a time, in the village of Mamudan lived a beautiful and hardworking maiden called Azor. Azor was the only maiden among six siblings and the youngest child. She was noted to be a damsel with a long black hair and beautiful denture.

She was from the clan of Ebadin; a clan noted for their wealthy men with vast lands of farms.

Azor was a bride in wait, her parents and family elders of her clan had scheduled her final marital rites to a day after the full moon. Tinye was the husband to be of Azor, he was the only child. Tinye hailed from Barkie, two villages away from Mamudan.

Azor has only seen her husband to be once but has never spoken to him before, neither has he. She didn’t have the right to choose whom she will marry but like a naïve maiden she was happy, perhaps, happy she was getting married.

Two months ago, Azor had gone through the female genital circumcision process as required by the traditions for every maiden of Mamudan land. The process was painful and the maidens couldn’t walk for weeks without aide, Azor was no exception to this pain however she was among the fortune few who made it through alive as some maidens bled to death.

The final day came after full moon for Azor’s marital rites to be perform and her husband’s family came in numbers for the rites. Azor’s husband ; Tinye was required to come with a basket of Kola nuts, two gallons of Akpeteshie (local dry Gin), ten Cowries and four cows however the cows were to be brought to Azor’s family after Azor has given birth as customs demands.

As custom required Tinye brought a basket of Kola nuts, two gallons of Akpeteshie (local dry Gin), ten Cowries for the rites.

After the rites, Azor was asked to leave with her husband to start a new life. Uncertain about what the future holds she began to cry, she cried till they were miles away from Mamudan village.

Upon getting to Barkie; Tinye’s village, Azor was outdoor to the Tinye’s clan as the new bride. Her first test that night was to prepare dinner for the entire clan to proof to them that she can cook. This test was not a surprised to Azor as she has already been informed by her mother prior to her marital rites and hence has been trained for this test. Azor went straight to the Kitchen to prepare for dinner. She knew exactly what food to prepare for the entire and how to serve it especially to the elders of the Tinye’s clan and her husband. She was required to kneel while serving the elders food as a sign of respect and to her husband she was to kneel till he was done eating.

Members of the clan was pleased with how Azor handled herself during and after the preparation of dinner. She was talked about that night. She was referred to her as a good woman.

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