Aiyator was Tinye direct cousin that detested Tinye with a passion for reasons best known to himself. He was well noted for his stinginess and cunning character. Aiyator was married to Kaya, a wicked powerful sorcerer who was well noted for her witchery, a deed she bragged about. She had a firm grasp of her husband and Aiyator dares not take any decision without consulting her first.
Azor wished she could overruled the decision of the elders but that will be seen as a sign of disrespect. She was just sick and tired of everything that was going on and all she could do was to cry. Azor thought about how to escapade from Aiyator and his wicked wife. She knew they were up to no good but just couldn’t proof it to the elders. She thought about running away with her sons to the near-by village or moving far away but felt that was not a good option as Tinye was the only child of his parents and hence will need his linkage preserved. She also thought about poisoning Aiyator but that was soon cancelled from her thoughts. She decided the best option was to surrender to her faith, marry Aiyotor and focus on raising her two sons.
Early the following morning Aiyotor was in Tinye’s compound to inform Azor that everything that belong to Tinye; her late husband has been transferred to him and hence if Azor needed foodstuffs she would have to seek permission from him first before entering the storeroom. He took stock of the foodstuffs that was in the storeroom, lock the place up and left.
The following week Azor went to Aiyotor’s compound to seek permission to fetch a bucket of corn from the storeroom. Aiyotor was not comfortable about the quantity of corn Azor wanted, yet he accompanied by Kaya went with Azor to her compound to fetch the corn. To him the quantity was too much for three people. He admonished Azor in a soft tone to manage the foodstuffs she was been given. His tone was not just soft but kind and gentle like a wicked king falling helplessly in love with a maiden for the first time. Kaya was there, and she noticed the tone Aiyotor used on Azor. She wasn’t happy with both of them especially with her husband, Aiyotor.
In the evening of that same day, Azor went to Aiyotor’s compound with cooked food to say thank you to him but Kaya saw her first, took the food from her and told her in a jovial way not to bother herself by bring food to her compound until they requested from her. Although, she was been jovial Azor knew she was serious about it and quickly excused herself from Aiyotor’s compound.
That night Kaya didn’t sleep, she paced back and forth in the compound. Thoughts of wickedness run through her head. She felt threaten by Azor’s beauty. Maybe Aiyotor will fall in love with Azor and forget about her, she thought. She thought about making Azor run mad in the township or curse her with an incurable disease but felt it was too obvious. How can she secure her marriage and Aiyotor’s heart from Azor, she thought.
Early the following morning Kaya left Mamudan without saying a word to Aiyotor. She went straight to the outskirt of Adorka to look for the Jaragan the wicked fetish priest for the water river. Jaragan was Kaya’s maternal aunty and had cunning evil ways in common. Kaya wanted Jaragan to read the destiny of Azor and her sons to her.
Jaragan immediately brought out her cowries spread it on the ground, chanted incantations on them and became to read,

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