Kaya returned to Mamudan that noon with a sadden spirit and a hatred passion for Azor. Although she refused to tell Aiyotor where she went that dawn, he suspected something sinister about her and therefore treaded carefully.

Aiyotor knew Kaya very well. He knew what Kaya was capable of and the extent to which she can go with evil. He was not naïve to the fact that kaya is a witch after all they have been partners in crime for a while now and with the help of Kaya he was able to warm the elders of the clan to acquired that which belong to Tinye with ease. Kaya was also noted to be the only woman who never went to the farm neither did her two sons yet she controlled everything that was brought from the farm.

The farming season came and Azor was called by Aiyotor to join the laborers at the farm. Every day Azor would go to the farm with her children along with the laborers and work tediously from dawn to dusk. She had a plan of trading so she can be independent from Aiyotor. She was getting tired of asking everything she wanted from him, things weren’t like the way they use to be with Tinye. She was hoping Aiyotor would give her at least two sacks of maize to trade with after the harvest.

The harvest came and Aiyotor had a bountiful harvest. Azor was excited; she was finally going to tell Aiyotor her plan. All this while Aiyotor hasn’t been with Azor as a wife, Kaya hasn’t given her approval to him yet. Although he wanted to be with Azor he was afraid of what Kaya will do.

When the harvest was done, Kaya directed where the harvest should be sent; her compound. Azor wasn’t given anything not even a basket of the harvest for her children. She cried that night until her eyes became reddish and swollen. The following morning she went straight to Aiyator’s compound after taking care of the children and doing her usual household chores. Her mission was simple to seek permission from Aiyator to visit her family at Ebadin. She had no intention of revealing the reasons for going there to him.

Fortunately, she meet Aiyotor at the entrance of his compound, he was with one of his friends. Azor greeted them, then waited to speak to Aiyotor alone. She told Aiyotor her intention to visit her family that day and therefore needed his permission. Aiyotor granted her the permission to leave without questioning her. It was like Aiyotor was trying to hide something from Kaya.

Azor headed straight with her children to the outskirt of Mamudan after leaving Aiyator’s compound .She didn’t pack a lot of her stuffs just a cloth, bottle of water and a bowl of food for the children. She needed to get her brothers’ farm before evening. She walked hastily like someone was chasing her and at some point will stop to check up on her elderly son.

Azor got to Ebadin in the evening exhausted, and couldn’t get to her brothers’ farm that day, she therefore decided to sleep over and make it to Mamudan early in the morning. She was welcome by her eldest brother’s wife who immediately took over taking care of her children. Warm water was prepared for Azor to take her bath and whilst she was at it her dinner was being set by her other brother’s wife. That night all her family members flocked in to welcome her. They chit chat and gist her on happenings of Ebadin. Later that night Azor had a meeting with her brothers, she was brief and precise with them. Life after the demise of Tinye isn’t the same and she therefore needed to trade to help herself out. She told her brothers she needed two sacks of maize to start her business but her brothers were willing to support her with more than that. They told her they will send three sacks of maize to the market square for her trading. Aside that they will be sending her foodstuffs from time to time.

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