Early the following morning Azor returned to Mamudan with a broad smile, she just couldn’t wait for the next day; Mamudan market day to see her dreams materialize, to have her freedom. To take care of her two sons without Aiyator having to ask for anything. How she wished Tinye was alive.

Azor went to Aiyator’s compound to inform him that she was back from her visit to Ebadin but she kept her discussion with her brothers regarding her business from him. She knew he will not buy into the idea. She was brief with him and hurried back to her compound to prepare for the following day.

Azor was up by dawn the next morning excited; it was the market day for Mamudan. She hurried up with taking care of her sons and off they went to the market square before shoppers could arrive. At the market square she met two men standing by the sacks of maize her brothers promised her. The men had already seen to the allocation of a market space for Azor and it was one of the best space. She was happy and thankful to them for their help.

They helped her settled down and she quickly poured some of the maize into a palm woven basket. Azor had on one the best maize in the market that day and she was friendly with both potential and actual buyers. Her smile and humility attracted a lot people to her space and before noon Azor had finished selling all the three sacks.
She went up to see her brothers’ men, as she went them to deliver a message to them for her. The next two days was Taagu’s market day and she wanted to go there to sell and needed their help. She gave the men the money she made from selling the three sacks of maize to be given to her brothers for reimbursement of maize for the Taagu’s market. She wanted her brothers to be proud of her as well.

Azor went back home after meeting with the men. She kept her happiness to herself after all she had no friend to share her stories with. Ohh how she wished Tinye was alive!!!. She prepared dinner for her sons and herself. She bathed, fed and told them tales till they fell asleep. She looked at her sons, they looked innocent. They were both unique in the looks ; Zola the first son had the looks of Azor but the denture of Tinye his father and soft spoken just like him. Tinyini the second son however looks just like Azor but Azor loved them both. She wanted to take care of them such that Tinye will be proud of her were ever he was. She had a plan she was going to work very hard to make her business thrive and she will engage them in the farming and trading activities as they grow. She will play the fatherly role alongside the motherly role. She kept thinking about the future till she fell asleep too.

The next day Azor’s brothers had received from the men and were so proud of her. They quickly sent three sacks of Maize to Taagu’s market square and asked the men to offer her all the assistance she needed. The night to Taagu’s market day Azor left home with her sons like all other sellers to Taagu. They had to pass the night at Taagu as the market start at dawn otherwise they will be late.

At Taagu’s market square Azor was able to sell all her sacks of maize again. This repeated from one market square to the other .The buyers loved her approach and she was very honest with her brothers. She saved what she made from selling and as time went on she added other cereals to her trading. Aiyator and his wife also noticed Azor kept appearing and disappearing from the village without their permission. Their intention to make her beg for food was flawed as she never did. She had more than enough.

Aiyator was shock to hear from the town gossip that Azor was now trading and was also receiving a lot of patronage as well. He wonder who was helping her. Out of shame and guilt he sent a basket of millet to be given to Azor.

She was her usual self, she came to thank him and left immediately to avoid Kaya.


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