Lessons learnt at the Airport

Sometime last year  I accompanied my friend to the airport.She was travelling to the States for further studies.

As I stood at the departure hall watching through the window and seeing cars driving in to drop people who were also going to catch their flights, this thought crossed my mind:

  1. The drivers of these cars are important but one can’t expect them to get out of their cars and fly the passages to their destination regardless of the closeness of both parties. They will need to get out of the car and board the plane to reach their destination (Don’t be clingy, leave your comfort zone).
  2. Secondly,just because someone carried another person to their destination does not mean that they should hold unto them. Release people to reach higher heights.
  3. On the other hand, never look down on people who drove you to catch your flight. Without the driver, you can’t get to the airport. (Respect people when you achieve)

In simple terms; people are in your life at different seasons for different reasons. The driver and the pilot are both important for your journey.

Be grateful for everyone God has ever brought into your life.

Stay blessed.

picture credit :google images

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