Year 2020 is all about survival

Lately I have to overdose myself each morning to stay awake.

It appears 2020 is not here to play.

Apart from the heart breaking sudden deaths happening all around us, people are really going through all kinds of stress😔😔😔.

In the mist of all this some are going through divorce, breakups, lay-offs, health issues ,job stress, financial stress etc.

Not all persons are willing to express what they are going through to others.


  1. Empathize with people
  2. Stop complaining about people not checking up on you,you never can tell what they are going through.
  3. Year 2020 is all about survival hence do whatever it takes to survive.
  4. The stress is real and is everywhere.
  5. T The grass is not greener anywhere,everyone is adjusting someway somehow.

Thank you for reading and stay radiantly blessed 🙂 🙂

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