Conditioned to believe:the lies of the enemy

Have you ever come across a picture of a conditioned elephant? It is a puzzling image of a full grown adult elephant – with an average weight of up to 6 tons – being held by only a small rope tied to his front leg.

Without being bound by any chains or cages, it is obvious that, at any moment, this creature – that is revered as the heaviest land animal on earth – could indeed break away from this tiny bond.

Despite this fact, the conditioned elephant does not set itself free. The reason is because when this same elephant was younger in age, his trainer used the same size rope (as the one currently found on his front leg) to tie him. At that age, the rope was large enough to hold him. As he grew up (with the rope still on his leg, he was conditioned to believe that he could not break away.

So, even now, he continues to believe that the rope can still hold him and he never tries to break free.

It is a grim sight to behold. Yet, is it entirely possible that this elephant is not the only one who has been conditioned to bondage?

Many have been born into poverty, pain, fear, and disappointment. This is the only reality that they have ever known, so it is extremely difficult for them to believe that God has already set them free and loaded their lives with His promises.

They have been destined to be anointed, rich, on top, lenders and not borrowers – but in their minds, they are still held by the bondage of the world. They are children of the King with a welfare mentality.

How do you ensure that your destiny does not mirror that of the conditioned elephant?

Today, I urge you to surrender to God and ask Him to help you to unlearn the lies of the enemy that you have received as truth. Ask Him to re-educate you in His word.

Then you will see that you have already received everything that you need to break away from the bondage of this world.

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