Primary Colors:the lessons in there

Hey 😊😊 it’s been awhile, permit me to share a write up that has been lingering in my head for days now.

I grew up hating the term ‘‘Primary Colors’’ because I felt it was too abstract for me to understand. Hence, I made sure I dodged any question from that topic but lately the termed ‘‘Primary Colors’’ kept lingering in my head so I googled it to study and deviced a way to understand.

I realized that primary colors are the bedrock for all other colors. They are the essentials yet very simple, malleable and nurturing. They mix with other primary colors to create but you can’t mix other colors in a given color space to get them.

This reminded me about the importance of a certain category of people(relationships) in our lives. They come in soo many forms. They are people that are of tremendous help to us. The reality is that, some way somehow; we can’t pay them pay back neither do they also expect us to do so. They become our source that needs to be nurtured and accorded the respect they deserves regardless of the situation, nonetheless this is usually not the case.

These category of people (Primary Colors) mostly carry pain in their hearts, pain caused by the same people they (Primary Colors) became simple and malleable in other to create and they suffer betrayals many times in all forms till they become harden and indifference.

Truth is most people easily forget who helped them but the sad part is when the people who were helped are those inflicting the pain. They tend to forget that a creator cannot be created and a source cannot be outsourced no matter the situation.

So, I pause here to ask you 1. Who is/were your source?2. What is your relationship with them now?If the relationship is bad do the needful, right the wrong, show some respect because no matter how grown a child is, he/she can never outgrow the parents.

A river that forgets its source will surely dry up; becareful of the bridges you burn .

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