Wishing You a sunny, effervescent Wednesday

My Dear Iridescent  Friend ,

Sparky good morning.

Wishing You a sunny, effervescent Wednesday overflowing with dazzling light & enthusiasm.

Today just for fun, let go all of your worries & concerns & be childlike playing with what is here in the now, totally absorbed with childlike curiosity & enjoying all of its facets… give Life a chance.

May you be blessed with unbroken bliss, vibrant health, faith in Self, spell of good fortune ; invincible Spirit; unbound joy & zest for living a life King size.

May you find a silver lining in every situation & rejoice in your good fortune.
May you be the Source of strength, harmony, joy & hope in your world because You can.

How You dazzle the world by your Light, liveliness, wit, brilliance & kindness. You are the Gem, everyone appreciates & wants to be.

Thank you for lighting up my life with your Presence. YOU simply rock.

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