Remembering Papa J.

Ex-president Jerry John Rawlings fondly called Papa J passed on to glory today.He was a man loved by the young and old.

One could say he was the father of the nation; people jokingly refer to him on social media specially during his birthday as the own of Ghana.

Here are some of the things you wanna remember him with:

  1. He spoke his truth and held on to it

2. He was selfless and fearless against all odds

3. He was an hands on leader who wouldn’t mind jumping into a choked gutter to help have it distilled

3. He was friendly and loved by many

4. He loved culture

5. He advocated for women in leadership and power. He included women in his governance and supported his wife in her presidential candidature

6.He was an orator and very intelligent

7. He was charismatic

8. He was kind to the needy

We will greatly miss him

Sleep well Papa J.

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