What is your excuse:Nuggets from Jim Thorpe ,Part II

Thinking life is unfair to you,well this brief about Jim Thorpe and have a rethink about life again

Thorpe lost his twin brother Charlie at age nine from pneumonia.

Very often He ran away from school until his father then sent him to the Haskell Institute, an Indian boarding school in Lawrence, Kansas, so that he could not run away again.

He suffered depression after his mother died of childbirth complications.

After several arguments with his father, he left home to work on a horse ranch but returned at age  sixteen and decided to attend Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. There his athletic ability was recognized and he was coached by Glenn Scobey “Pop” Warner,

Same year he lost his father to gangrene poisoning after being wounded in a hunting accident and Thorpe became an orphan

He again dropped out of school and resumed farm work for a few years and then returned to Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

During the 1912 Olympics Thorpe representing the United States in track and field had his shoes stolen and was pictured wearing socks and shoes although the Olympics competitions.

He was a victim of racism as the first notice of Thorpe in The New York Times was headlined “Indian Thorpe in Olympiad; Redskin from Carlisle Will Strive for Place on American Team.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) unanimously stripped him of his Olympic titles, medals and awards and declare him a professional.

Thorpe married three times and had eight children.

He lost his 2year old son Jim Jr he had with Iva M. Miller, his first wife.

In 1925 his first wife for 12years, Iva, filed for divorce, claiming desertion.

In 1941 Thorpe was divorced the second time by Freeda Verona Kirkpatrick after been married for 15years with four sons.

After all these predicaments one will say Jim Thorpe will give up on life. Well here are some of his accomplishments in the mist of the chaos.

He met with Pope Pius X and Abbas II Hilmi Bey (the last Khedive of Egypt), and played before 20,000 people in London including King George V

In 1950, an Associated Press poll of almost 400 sportswriters and broadcasters voted Thorpe the “greatest athlete” of the first half of the 20th century.

He is memorialized in the Pro Football Hall of Fame rotunda with a larger-than-life statue. 

In 1982, Wheeler and Ridlon established the Jim Thorpe Foundation and gained support from the U.S. Congress.

In October 1982, the IOC Executive Committee approved Thorpe’s reinstatement. In an unusual ruling, they declared that Thorpe was co-champion with Ferdinand Bie and Wieslander, although both of these athletes had always said they considered Thorpe to be the only champion. In a ceremony on January 18, 1983, the IOC presented two of Thorpe’s children, Gale and Bill, with commemorative medals.

In a poll of sports fans published in 2000 by ABC Sports, Thorpe was voted the Greatest Athlete of the Twentieth Century out of 15 other athletes including Muhammad AliBabe RuthJesse OwensWayne GretzkyJack Nicklaus, and Michael Jordan

Thorpe is featured on the reverse of the 2018 Sacagawea dollar.

He has monument, featuring the quote from Gustav V (“You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world.”), that stands near the town named after him, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

I guess in the mist of the mess and chaos Jim Thorpe accomplished so much probably because he was focus, was willing to explore other sports, never gave up and maybe had people who guided him and meant well.

There is soo much one can achieve regardless of what life serves us with. Life shouldn’t be perfect I suppose.

What is your excuse???

Perfection or a spotless life is a limitation.

So cheers to life and what it comes with it.

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