New Month New Beginning

As we starts  the day and today marks the first day of DECEMBER,2020 be optimistic, stand tall. hold your head up high, you might have made mistakes in the previous months, wrong choices, some not so good decisions it does not matter, all that matters is the now.

I know your might not have achieve all the goals you drew out for year 2020 due to pandemic and it may look like all hope is lost now But trust me you can do more with the remaining 31 days

Have a positive mental attitude towards life.

Be determined to break barriers,

to be a game changer,

to move with precision.

Above all have the kingdom in view let your entire life and pursuits evolve around God.

Let Him be the centre piece, let His light shine in and through you.

Let your life be a sign post for men, let them know who you are.

Let there be a clear distinction, do not be ashamed to be called a Son/Daughter of the most High God.

Let the world around you know where you are rooted.

You can start this by been intentionally and been present and watch God move in faithfulness..

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