Relationships are challenging and a working relationship is no different. I have found, at times, these relationships are just as difficult as intimate relationships. There are different types of folks everywhere, and yes that means at work too. We could somewhat tailor our personal environment, but at work not so much.

We cannot rid ourselves from coworkers as easily, unless you are going to resign ( I ain’t leaving my job for nobody until I am ready to go). And two, folks are who they are. It does not matter how well folks try to suppress or camouflage themselves, their true selves always surface. I have written a post on this topic.

So, it is only a matter of time before a coworker reintroduces herself as the coworker who loves to gossip, talk behind folks back, and report you to the supervisor.

I have discovered in the past, and recently that folks are not who they claim to be on the job. Folks could be pretentious for reasons. So, why do we react surprise when folks show their complete selves ( or as we like to stay their entire behinds). Well it is because in our minds we have created an expectation of folks base on factors. But our expectations are sometimes based on limited information, and not reality. And when we finally have more information( to put two and two together) about folks that are not align with our initial expectations, we are puzzled, shocked, and making statements like I Did Not Know !!!!

While some folks can manage to keep themselves in line depending on their environment some folks cannot.

A work environment requires an individual to show up a particular way. Now, some folks do not understand what it means to show up at work. That means be presentable, available with the necessary skills, and ready to work. It does not mean for folks to show up with all of their baggages, carry on and suitcases. Ready to unpack all of their woes, and issues at work.

More over the more time folks spend in a particular place the more of themselves that will gradually appear ( what about the folks that just put it all out there on the first day at work ?) . If we spent 40 hours a week, months, and years at a company, what do you think is going to happen? Some folk gets comfortable, could no longer suppress, refrain, or hide their unfavorable ways.

Folks exacerbate each other’s personality in positive and negative ways.

There are varied personalities at work. Folks are mingling with different kind of folks. While some personality might mesh well, others not so much. The old saying goes bird of a feather flock together. Folks gravitate to those that they have things in common with. That goes for the folks that love to gossip, messy, and petty. Lastly there are folks that have no boundaries for themselves or with others. When these folks let loose on the job it affects us all. So what do you do?

When you have encountered these individuals what do you make of it? The same goes for work relationships. Keep your distance, and take the time to know someone. Do not get caught up in the drama. Always try to diffuse or manage situations first between coworkers before reporting to the manager. Always remain cordial and never allow a coworker to take you out of character. Work is not the place for folks to let loose unless your life is at stake.

Thank you friends for reading. Are you working with the enemy?

Guest post :Tamara

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