In a bide to improve upon myself and climb the career ladder I once registered and attended a master class program. The course was expensive but I managed because I had high expectation of the programme.

Although the program was intrigue and fulfilling it was the latter part of the 6weeks program that I got to know that the original program was in a different institute which was well recognized and was far cheaper than this one.

It was at this point that I felt perhaps I have wasted my resource and felt cheated.I stopped every other program I had expressed interest in for future studies and made many more enquires about the original program from the recognize institute.

I registered and enrolled as a late student and could sense the previous institute wasn’t comfortable and happy with me declining to continue with the other courses I previously express in. I guess they were making money out of my ignorance.

Today I’m a final year student of the original institute which cost me very less and I’m proud of myself for making that decision and not allowing myself to waste my resources which in this case is my time and money in my quest to self improve.

In 2021 don’t waste money you don’t have .Find out where unnecessary cost is going and block all leakages. Get the right tools and information guide for your life and business to reduce depending on other people who will not give you what you really want.

Learn the skill and test it, if it works improve on the quality to give your life, career or business the maximum returns on your investment.

Let your life and business be your priority.

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