Lessons from how the Eagle build it nest

The eagle has a unique style it uses to build its nest when it is time to lay her eggs. There are some things that are very important to it when she is choosing the materials for the nest. They include the selection of the sticks for the nest and the way the nest is built.

She selects the sticks from where she is familiar with and which means her experience with a particular relationship and environment settings matters.

Many at times people build their lives, families, businesses and relationships based of their experiences- PLEASE BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT THIS!!!

Build your future based on where you are going and not from where you are coming from. Your decisions may be limited.

Moreover when she build  her nest, she ensure that she builds the nest with a special structural plan that allows the sharp of the edges of the sticks to point outwards to prevent mountainous lions and snakes from attacking the eaglets. Always plan the protection of your investments, family and self from all attacks. Always have back up plan and an emergency exit if the need be it. 

Remember there is always someone out there waiting for you to build your nest so he or she can swindle you of it as much as there are helpful people out there.

Be watchful

Be mindful

Be intentional with your life ,investments and businesses this 2021

Stay spicy

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