Who to choose as an accountability partner

Who qualifies to be an accountability partner?? How do you approach someone to be your accountability partner??? When should you have an accountability partner?? Why the need to have an accountability partner?? Where should you have an accountability partner??

From my previous post on why you should have an accountability partner I listed ways to ensure this works. Today I would us to look at the criterion in choosing an accountability partner.

Let me divert a little; in 2020 I found myself in a fixed situation all of a sudden. I received a distressed call that my dad was terrible ill and was battling for his life. When I visited him after he was discharge from the hospital I was shattered and I felt this was it. The man was in serious pain, now this is a typical man who doesn’t show emotions especially pain no matter what as he regards it as weakness. But on this particular day he couldn’t care less; well not to me. After taking him around many pharmacies in a cab in search of a prescribed medication that the doctor believed could help ease the pain to no avail he asked that I should do everything possible to get the medicine for him same day as he was in pain . After combing around town I finally had the medicine at about 9:00pm after leaving him at about 10am. Tired and stressed he requested I sleep over although my mum and sisters were with him. Following morning I was chosen as the one to take care of him till he gets well or I’m changed.

In my mind I was like what? I have exams to write in a few months, I have this and that to do?? But as they say family first so I gave in without hesitation. Taking care of him involved preparing everything he could need before leaving to this office. To do this I was always up 2-3am to prepare his breakfast and lunch before leaving and sometimes I needed to get him to the hospital for his routine checkup before heading to the office. I was tired and stressed on daily basis; I slept late and waked up early daily.

It was tough but the thought of my incoming IHRMP exams made it even tougher. I knew I needed help.

I had a couple of Phd candidates and other personality I have reveres for and cannot afford to fail before. These are people I rarely chat or talk to. One after the other I politely approached 5 people; 2 Phd candidates, a medical practitioner and 2 IHRMP mates. It turns out the medical practitioner had a lot on his table and couldn’t be there for me. I one of the Phd candidates I approached in a chat told me he was going to take a bath and will be with me in a minute I was will like ha his minute turned out to be a month I  understood him I had a paper he was preparing to summit and had a deadline to meet. The other candidate, Frank thankfully accepted to be my accountability partner without hesitation but hinted on his busy scheduled.

His questions were straight forward; what program? When is the exam and how far have I gone?? I was sincere and open with him. I sent him my study and exam timetable as well as told him about my fears; Industrial relation and labour law papers. I needed to know the laws and applications by heart for me to pass this papers. Note this was not a chew and pour thing and as you would be gracefully failed if you tried.

For my 2 mates I was always either on zoom conference meetings or phone calls having discussion with them. We went by my study timetable. Through all I tactically kept my accountability partner updated being mindful of his busy scheduled and respected his boundaries. Most times I could send my update in audio format as I was too exhausted to type and when he’s free he replies. He follows up anytime I forgot to send my update. This happened consistently until my last paper and I stopped bothering him.  When the results came out guess what?? I passed all papers . I kept him posted and thanked him.

You could note from story I chose accountability partners I had respect for and never want to fail before them.

Things were not literally casual. They were also people I felt were advance academically than I am and could provide me the checks required to achieving the goal.

Note also that my accountability partners also make time and requested for my updates despite their busy schedules and everything was literally formalized to the very end.

In choosing an accountability partner chose one :

  1. That you have reveres for and would not like to disappoint.
  2. Choose one that you can be sincere and open with and you know they are trusty worthy.
  3. Choose one that you barely have casual stuffs with to avoid familiarity.
  4. Choose someone you know can be committed or would demand commitment from you.
  5. Choose someone who can rebuke and sincere with you when you are off track.

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