Last Year

Last year I allowed clarity heal my heart.

Last year I revealed so much more of myself to my loved ones.

Last year I learned how to love from a distance, both by force and by choice.

Last year I embraced anger.

Last year I spoke my truth with kindness, sometimes through trembling voice sometimes through tears, and held space for how that truth landed.

Last year I said yes way more often than I said no.

Last year the necessary no(s) were almost irrrefutably obvious.

Last year I wrote with courage.

Last year I dodged the impulse to bond with strangers over perceived shared trauma.

Last year I reconnected.

Last year I bonded.

Last year I found my brothers.

Last year I fell deeply in love with my parents and my entire family.

Last year I led with grace and followed with humility.

Last year I leaned on God.

Last year I prayed without ceasing.

Last year I took breaks without feeling guilty.

Last year I cheered others when I had no cheer for myself.

Last year I found more cheer for myself.

Last year I was unafraid to go deep, fall deep in conversation, in love.

Last year I pushed through.

Last year I made room for others to come with me

Last year I found freedom.

5 thoughts on “Last Year

  1. Beautiful and so honest and real! I love it, here’s to last year and this year! Much love my friend πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’›

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