Lessons from sis Kids II

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When my sis gave birth to her second which is ‘momo’ we decided I was going to take care of Tia and she was going to stay with me so my sis can have enough time for the second
I was the second to carry momo after his mum at the hospital and when the nurse gave him to me to carry there was this strange feeling or bond I had for him. It felt this child was biological mine🤗🤗
As fate will have it Tia and me never bonded. She kept insisting her Granny is her mum😏 and become very bonded with her till date.
Momo bonded well with me. He kind of like phones, games, electrical gadget and food but definitely not sports.
When he hasn’t seen me for like a month he could call with his mum phone to ask when I’m visiting but Tia careless..
There was a time his mum called that momo wants to talk to me🤨he was crying and I asked him why he said he missed me and hadn’t seen me in a while ☺️.I visited same day after work around 9pm, guess what he was waiting 💕but Tia was fast asleep 😒
Lessons learned:
To avoid complicating your life it is better to love someone who loves you back.simplify your life.
A person who loves you will wait on you..
Love should be mutual

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