Lessons from sis Kids III

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I was alarm when I first saw madam as a baby. She wasn’t the baby that cry🧐. I told her mum to take her to the hospital for check up.she just laughed it off🙄. As she got to the toddler stage I came to the conclusion that she was a introvert, only made noise when she has to. The first 2 pushed her around anyhow and I’m told she sometimes get hurt😔😔
The first 2 are hyper active who have told me” Edukrom people don’t like to sleep” but I don’t know what happened to madam she’s super hyper active. She talks and makes noise then all of them🤯. I don’t know who thought her this one but has learned how to bit and scratch people as a defense mechanism😳 😃
Lessons learned:
Sometimes people change to fit into the environment they find themselves in for survival.
Never underestimate people they can change for adaptability.

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