Lessons from the Healer

Two people were sick and they both decided to go  to this healer who could not just heal but also see into the past.

Medicine man | anthropology | Britannica

You can only ask for one thing the apprentice told them at the door as they enter to see the Healer.

The first one entered and asked, ‘please healer, I want to be healed’. The healer touched him and he was healed then the Healer added, ‘no man can ever be able to make you sick again’. He said ‘amen’ and left.

The second went in and asked, Healer, ‘please who did this to me? the healer told him it was his uncle, and then he wanted to ask if he can be healed, the healer responded, you’ve exhausted your chance already to ask for any other thing. The second one went home became more bitter with his uncle and that led him to depression and his sickness increased.

He couldn’t report his uncle to anyone but to talk in his back as he slowly dies of the aggravating sickness.

Soon, he died. He knew who made him sick but that didn’t stop the sickness from worsening while the other one didn’t know who made him sick, is alive and well and when the person who made him sick retries to bring him down, he kept failing because the healer has made him indestructible

When you have a problem, don’t ask what caused it, seek for solution; the seeking for the solution the cause of the problem will eventually be revealed. As long as we are in this world, there’ll always be that one relative or friend that the enemy will instigate to harm you.

Your only solution is to live by faith and become indestructible to the enemies you know not.

Stay bless

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