God uses the imperfect

Something happened to me at church today(yesterday). I have been scheduled to speak on 25th January 2021 which I’m preparing diligently towards.
I always encourage people especially leaders who wants to put me on a program to give me a week or two weeks prior notice rather than a day or two notice as I would need to prepare myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically for an effective delivery. I hate to flop😒😒😒 and to waste people’s previous time.
But today was different, the presiding elder was like “Mercy can you facilitate the discussion of the group today” and I’m like”okay daddy”
Please note that a regular group discussion has the church divided between 4 to 5 groups; so in my mind I was going to facilitate one 🙂 but naa; not knowing I was going to facilitate the entire church 😳😳😳 no division Um 🙄😒
When my name was mentioned to mount the pulpit I was like Umm and as I stood before the congregation there was no nerve,no shyness, no butterfly rather strange I felt at peace and as I sought to engage the church in the discussion the response was positively amazing ☺️ha,

The only factor against us was time but what shocked me was my utterance. I gave certain quotations and words ordinarily I won’t and perhaps thought I had forgotten.

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When I was done I thank the Elder for the opportunity and sat down to analyze what has happened. I realized that:
1. Change has happened
2. Your days of appearance exposes your secret preparation
3. God and the Holy Spirit doesn’t need you prepare he uses you anyway
4. I know you have rules but sometimes just go with the flow and trust the Holy Spirit to work.All He needs is your obedience.

5. Take the opportunities that comes our way regardless of whether we are prepare or not.

5. Make use of the suddenly opportunities that come your way.

6.Make humility a pivotal point of your life,stay teachable.
6. This year be ready for anything and everything that comes your way

Stay blessed and spicy

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