The moment I started letting out my truth, transformation began-in literally all areas of my life.

We are energy, our human body is energy that needs to not only move physically, but needs to move energetically/spiritually/emotionally.

The stuck energy (our suppressed + repressed truth) weighs us down, AND WHEN THIS HAPPENS we feel overwhelmed because we are.

As soon as we allow our truth to move through us, we release a plug, it’s like opening the dam and allowing the pressure to proceed and move onward.

* Share your truth with the world and once you do you sublimely give other people the permission to do the same in the process.

* Step into your POWER ️

🔥 Your authentic truth will transform your life.

🔥 Believe me-I’ve been in your shoes!

🔥 You are amazing, share yourself with the world!

Don’t forget the whole world is waiting for your manifestation of your glory.

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