Misconception about Sobriety

Sobriety is really not about the alcohol.

Alcohol dependence is a response to ones emotions.

Sobriety is therefore about EMOTIONAL HEALING-it’s the recovery of your inner wellness, mind, body and soul. It is the process of regaining inner alignment and a reconnection with your inner truth-your AUTHENTIC TRUTH.

Sobriety is not about the drink, the drink is just the reaction to what’s going on internally.

Sobriety is about feeling and healing the emotions, ALL OF THEM.

Sobriety is a lifestyle of holistic wellness, wholeness, self-acceptance, self-respect and grace for those who can’t achieve any of the above without the consumption of alcohol.

Sobriety is not about living without something, it’s about finally reclaiming EVERYTHING!

Sobriety is living in your own skin, knowing yourself, trusting yourself and liking yourself again.

Sobriety is living life without needing to escape from yourself.

For the people who suppresses emotions, numbs feelings and puts a temporary band aid on discomfort with alcohol, there is no greater gift you can GIVE yourself than sobriety.

It is not living without, it is TRULY LIVING…fully!

Keep living, Stay blessed, stay spicy J J J.

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