You need NO justification to be Loved

I know you may know this intellectually, but I want you to FEEL this truth.

Most of us have blocks to receiving love, especially from the God.

Because of things that happened in our past, we’ve formed beliefs that we are not enough in some way, something is wrong with us, and/or we have to earn love.

None of those beliefs are true. You are 100% deserving of receiving love. Period.

You being loved needs NO justification.

Today I invite you to put your hands over your heart, take a few nice deep breaths and simply say, “I invite love in, it’s safe for me to feel and be loved.”

Love is all around you.

Love is God

He formed us with Love

Know you are worthy to receive it – from God, people, and most of all, yourself.

Sending you all so much love 🥰

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