The Goodbyes and the Hellos

Yesterday we said ‘good bye’,

Today we say ‘hello’,

Last night we said ‘good night’,

This morning, we say ‘good morning’…

That is the cycle of life!

You lose some…

You gain some!!!

No situation is permanent!!

Remember to make the best of every situation!!

When the happy times come, enjoy it. Live it!!!

If it doesn’t last, you have great memories from it

When the challenging times come,

Don’t lose hope,

Don’t give up!!

Just as the happy times didn’t last forever,

The challenging times will not last forever!!

In all situations….

Live, laugh, love!!!

God has got us!!!

He is the God of the 11th hour!!!

He will show up in your situation!!

However, In the meantime,

Live, laugh, love.

Much love

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